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The Medical Waters
- 5-Step Protocol
That Healed Lupus
In 1000s Worldwide

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From the desk of Julia Liu, former lupus sufferer and holistic practioner (June 2015):

My fellow lupus sufferer,

My name is Julia and I am a mother and a grandmother.

I am thankful I can watch all of them grow.

But a couple of years ago it seemed that my time is up and I would have to say my goodbyes as I was diagnosed with advanced lupus followed by extreme inflammation.

A number of my organs were so heavily impaired that my doctors predictions were gloom to say at least.

This website is where I share the story about how I got back from the verge of "the other side" and how thousands of people are doing it every year following the principles of the holistic breakthrough protocol known as the Norton protocol.


Dr Albert

Dr. Alfred Pischinger, head of the University of Medicine in Graz 1936-1945

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The report is a 49 page document packed with answers to all the questions you might have.

It will give you an overview of the core principles and new-found chemical relationships that are at the core of the healing plan.

This protocol is designed just for people like you if fit any of

the 3 categories bellow:


You have
just been diagnosed and hope that lupus will just go away. Sorry, I thought the same but it doesn't work that way. Don't just wait around as this condition takes over your life.

You are
not sure you have lupus and you are waiting for a diagnosis. Research have shown that there is a juncture of body chemistry when the chemical imbalance can either results in auto-antibodies formation or much serious conditions, such as cancer. If you address the single most important imbalance none of this will ever happen.

You have
been struggling with lupus and have a severe form of the illness and nothing else worked. This is because the true underlying triggers are revealed just recently for the first time and you have never addressed them before.


Julia in her home, November 2014


Ever since my illness and healing I have completely devoted my life to lupus research and sharing the knowledge of how I beat lupus and where I found my blessed salvation. I am really glad that you stumbled upon this page because if you or someone you love is suffering from lupus, what I have to share will most likely mean the difference between the debilitating life of pain and suffering and a normal healthy existence. So, please do not leave this page until you have learned what I have to share. Since 2008, this new system helped 1000s of people in 18 countries. And I have unambiguous proof of that.

But, first things first...

I was born in 1970 in Paris to an American mother and French father, and I have lived in France all my life. While I was growing up nothing in the way I developed warned me about what was coming my way. Somewhat increased frequency of colds and flu-like symptoms now and then and nothing else.

Nothing that would stop me from enjoying my youth. Or so I thought. But what followed was...

My long gruesome battle with lupus

I was a 32 year old happy woman in a healthy relationship, when I woke one day to what felt like a monster chewing my insides - my kidneys especially. I cried like rain and I was rushed to the hospital. It was a sunny day in May 2002 when my life turned to a rollercoaster from hell.

At one moment I was a vibrant healthy woman with partying and love on her mind, in a healthy relationship and planning her marriage and honeymoo and in a couple of months I was a wreck. A wreck without a job, single and lonely, with my life centered around my pain.

Debilitating, excruciating pain.

Let me share this - I can't remember the details of my prom, I can't remember my first kiss...but I can vividly remember every detail about the hot June day I was officially diagnosed with lupus. I remember the yellow chair in my doctor's office. I remember the color of the walls. I remember my doctor's glasses. I remember thinking how that particular pair made him look a bit like Woody Allen.

And I remember it all because the battle with lupus
proved to be the most important battle of my life.

Then I began my 5 year long combat with lupus. As time went by I was increasingly frustrated with how little help I got from all my doctors.

My relationship was falling apart and I was heavily underperforming at work. So, soon I lost the man I thought was the life of my life at the time and I also lost my job. I had no money. No love. No health. I was finished. I kept thinking of ways to withdraw from people and most of my "friends" were OK with that, since everybody wants to be as far away from misery as possible. I was left to the support of my parents and 2 of my closest friends.

All I could ever think was that there must be someone or something out there that can help.

I tried everything!

And nothing worked for good. Some things helped only temporary before lupus would come back with a vengeance. I would flare up again before I knew it and soon even when I was feeling well I dreaded and was afraid that every next day might be the day when I get another flare.

I was so tired all the time that I was unable to walk a block. I got fat and the rash on my face soon kicked in. I tremble at the very thought of the time. I wished I was dead. And that is not a figure of speech - I truly and honestly wished I was dead. I had no quality of life, I was in pain all the time and I was just a burden to everyone around me.

What was there to live for?

But then one day as I was shopping in the local supermarket , everything changed. I met an old high school friend and as always I started talking about my suffering with my lupus. When she said, "Hey, I know a girl in Reims that had that thing and there is a man there who helped her. She's all good now."

I didn't think much of it then, but she went on explaining that the man's name is Herman Norton and that he's an alternative medicine practitioner that specialized in lupus his whole life. I was skeptic as I always am but I couldn't live with the dilemma...

What if this is the thing that gives my life back?

What if...?

I called her back that evening and got the phone number from the man in Reims. I scheduled an appointment for the first thing next week.

When Monday came, I was getting excited as before a job interview. I remember getting into that car to go on that first 2 hour drive to Reims. Little did I know it was a drive to freedom.

This web page is about spreading the TRUTH about lupus and the underlying causes. I want to tell you that you are not alone and I know exactly how you feel. I remember millions of thoughts and feelings mixing and tormenting me...and if you are suffering from lupus sooner or later you will experience the same things as I did...

by the pain that sucks out your soul until you become a shadow of a person you once were

Crucified and tormented
by the worry that you'll never get better as the hope dissolves with every day of awful suffering.

Always tired
and unable to walk a block

Never game for outdoors or able to plan having fun with you friends.
You become a different person. Nobody understands and you can feel the judgment in the phone silences after you say that you are not coming to a dinner party, yard barbecue or a hike

Drained out by the insomnia and the night sweats
, and frustrated by the "elephant in the room" after I would wake my boyfriend up for the millionth time. He said nothing then, but you could see it in the brisk moves as he adjusted hid blanket trying to go back to sleep


But then I found Herman, my sweet Herman, man who spent his life healing people with lupus, researching lupus and perfecting his holistic techniques through trial and error. Six months with Herman and I was free. No pain. No fatigue. No night sweats. No anxiety.

I was a healed soul and a healed body.

If you are still wondering what is lupus , let me try and put this simple. It is disease that affects mostly women and it is basically the mysterious process of your body attacking its own tissue as if it were a foreign malicious agent.

The root cause of the disease is officially unknown in conventional medicine. The doctors do not even attempt to hide that they know nothing about what is causing the disease. The disease progresses fast and starts scavenging the tissue of your organs and all the doctors do is try to deal with particular symptoms as they arise. Doing nothing to address the root causes. Nothing.

But you can let out a sigh of relief now and keep reading because lupus is not such a mystery after all...

It is after my healing that I decided to follow his footsteps and do for other people what Herman did for me. I dedicated my years to lupus and the people suffering around the world. I have developed what is now known as the Norton protocol.

This protocol is based on 26 years of Herman's work and 2 years of my own work with thousands of people. It is now backed up with 28 years of continuous trial and error until controlled and precise procedures for a permanent eradication of lupus were shaped. The Norton protocol is now recognized as a 100% guaranteed roadmap for lupus freedom. The only one in existence.

It is a completely unique one of a kind 5-step system that people use worldwide to beat lupus and stop the devastating pain that follows soon after the first symptoms.

The process resulted in the publishing of my eBook "Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol". This is the only comprehensive reference book with 261 pages of every single piece of information on lupus you will ever need and a precise guide to the healing procedures in Norton protocol.

At the moment, there is no system in the world that can come close to the results of the Norton protocol. Period.

Allow me ask you this:

Are you tormented by the doubt and terified of the things you read about this horrible illness?

If you are, take a moment and go through this list of questions and answer each of them for yourself.

Are you constantly tired and have low energy?

Do you have unexplained pains in your joints?

Have you had sleeping issues?

Did you notice any kind of skin changes?

Are you anxious or nervous?

If you said "YES" to at least 2 of the above 5 questions, then I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that new research shows that lupus is much more frequent than previously thought. Many of the affected people have no symptoms, but when some of the above signs present themselves, it is rare that the culprit is other then lupus.

So, if you have 2 YESes then, statistically speaking, you are very likely to have lupus, and that's the bad news.

The worse news is that 10 year survival rates are gloomy!

The good news is that with the recent developments in the field and one shocking breakthrough in particular, lupus is not a mystery any more. Hundreds of people are beating it every week and you can do it to, as long as you react on time and stop the vicious cycle of lupus toxicity in its track before it makes irreparable damage.

Lupus develops very fast and it is crucial that you react before you get to a stage where your only option is extremely risky surgery. Dealing with it without loosing a day, can mean the world of difference.

Have you ever had your doctor tell you something like:

"I don't actually know what is causing your lupus, but here's a pill anyway..."

Well, let me tell you right now, it's over with living in the dark of ignorance. It's over with the hundreds of questions with no answers. It is now officially over with the randomness in the treatment of lupus. Breakthrough in research have changed this once and for all.

One man who dedicated 26 years of his life to the research of lupus. A man who allowed me to regain control over my life and beat lupus. His name is Herman Norton and the protocol is based on his holistic groundbreaking methods.

I have been in complete remission for 2 years now and since then I was an eyewitness of literally thousands of people beating lupus with the principles of the Norton protocol.

Below are a couple of success stories that I found especially moving:

Success story no.1: Latisha Derron, Bisbee , USA

"Last Christmas I was rushed to the hospital after I blacked out from the pain in a supermarket...Finding your website was the best thing that ever happened to me.
A million thanks for your dedication."


"Dear Julia, I remember that I cried every night at beginning of my long lupus struggle. I was just a girl that was supposed to enjoy her youth and most of the time I was just "nailed" to the sofa in a fetal position. After a while, I got used to the life of misery, depression and pain and did what nobody should ever do - I watched passively as my life was passing by and accepted that I'll never be better. I read about your book in a newspaper and looked it up. That day changed everything...today, I am healed both physically and mentally. Now, I am just your next door teacher. And I'm happy. May God bless you for giving me my freedom back."

Latisha Derron, Bisbee, Arizona

Success story no.2: Alicia Powell, Dover , USA

"I followed your 5-step system and after being tormented by lupus in the kidneys and lungs for 11 years, I am pain-free for 8 months now..."


"I was diagnosed with lupus in 1999. I was 26 back then with millions of plans in my head. I was studying management and I wanted to continue the family antique business of my mother.

But lupus changed everything. I was diagnosed after my fingers turned blue and numb in April '99. Very soon all that I have planned became a vague memory replaced by misery, pain and fatigue. It was on and off with lupus and me for 11 years before I found out about your ebook.

Thanks a million, Julia. I am well today and starting to regroup my life."

Alicia Powell, Dover, Delaware

Success story no.3: Anna Thomasson, Stavanager , Norway

"By the time I was 21 I was a professional patient
and lupus controlled my life.
There was so many days I simply wished I was dead.
Now I know why this all happened...you are my angel"


"My lupus was followed by fibromyalgia and a number of other disorders. At one point I felt as if my body was simply decomposing. I was slowly giving up...

For over 5 years I have been on a sea of medications for seizures, blood pressure, heart, stomach and the chronic pain. I was a walking pharmacy. Last year I was put on Methotrexate after Prednisone and Plaquenil stopped working. My doctor said that that she doesn't know what to do if my body stops responding to Methotrexate as well..

I found out about your programme on an online forum and that changed my life. I have been on your programme for 3 months and I am much better. I still have bad periods but in a much milder form and much less frequent. I continue to walk the path of healing...I'll call when I get there...hugs from Norway"

Anna Thomasson, Stavanager , Norway

Success story no.4: Danielle West, Akron , Ohio

"This time last year I was a wreck devoid of any hope that things will ever get better...now it all seems like it happened
in a different lifetime"


"After years of my struggle I was starting to be labeled as "sickley" and a hypochondriac, especially when my symptoms could not be seen. It got so bad that I almost wanted to get that rash so that I have proof of my suffering.

I was so depressed that I simply refused to see another doctor because I had the feeling that they are just "shooting in the dark" with this thing.

When I stumbled upon your website I was very skeptical but I kept thinking "What if..", and thank God for that thought. Your programme brought me back my life. I am off Prednisone for 6 months now and completely healthy. All the best to all the people out there suffering from this horrible disease..."

Danielle West, Akron , Ohio

this breakthrough system is the only system in existence that gives you the power to:

For the first time ever, pinpoint the underlying causes of your condition and understand what is going on "behind the scenes". When you do this, you can start addressing the triggers rather than the consequences. A huge majority of people who get lupus are doomed to live with it for the rest of their lives. You can now be among the few percent that regain control of their life after being diagnosed with lupus.
Heal your lupus permanently. Once you learn about the overlooked chemical relationships that are causing your lupus, you can start the healing and the re-balancing of your body. In this eBook I will show you how to do it in 5 simple and easy-to-follow steps obeying the 10 "holy" principles of the Norton protocol.
Eliminate the culprits of your pain completely within a couple of weeks. The triggers of your pain are precise chemical imbalances that can be influenced. I could not believe the instant relief that I felt...
Heal your lupus holistically. If you have tried different diets, potions and drugs that the conventional medicine recommends you know by now that they simply don't work or that they are a "quick fix" before your pain comes back with a vengeance. Trying this sort of treatments is like pouring water into a hollow bucket - IT JUST WON'T HOLD. No matter how many pills you pop, you get nowhere and you only get sicker, more tired and tormented. Why? Because you have not eliminated the triggers of lupus. You need a plan. A holistic approach that will eliminate all the underlying causes and pave your road to remission…
Heal your lupus without the horrible side effects of conventional drugs. If you are a chronic sufferer then you probably know what I am talking about. It's hard to say whether you feel worse because of the disease or the medicine that is supposed to cure it. The fatigue, the anxiety, the night sweats, the weight gain (I gained 40 pounds in 6 months), the depression...the list goes on and on...but with natural alternatives, you experience none of this. None.
Heal your lupus without dangerous surgery. Almost always you can avoid surgery and keep your kidneys if you react on time and stop this thing in its track. Surgery carries grave risks and I know 4 women that have been already scheduled for kidney surgery that have reversed their lupus following the Norton protocol. And one more thing, surgery does not address the underlying triggers either and that is why IT IS ALSO A TEMPORARY SOLUTION for the damage that was done.

But how can this be done?

By the end of this page I will prove to you beyond any doubt that lupus is beatable if your provide your body with the right tools to address the underlying triggers and eliminate the factors that are making the healing impossible.

Let get very precise.

Lupus is triggered on the cellular level.

I will not get very nerdy here, don't worry. I will just try and simplify how things work and why all those people (especially women) out there have no true chance of beating lupus with conventional methods. What I said above means that when addressing lupus, conventional medicine misses 2 stages of the disease and then (again) addresses the symptoms rather then the triggers. The right way of addressing lupus corrects the errors on the cellular level that lead to the disease flares, provides an environment for the lesions and dead cells to dissolve (only on substance in nature can do this and it is one of the corner stones of the Norton protocol) and takes steps to avoid this horror scenario from happening ever again.

Here, I want to share the most important corner stone of the Norton protocol. It is a change in what is called the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). It is not a new concept and as Herman told me, he based most of his work in the Norton protocol on the work of a genius scientist Dr. Alfred Pischinger, who was the chair of the University of Medicine in Graz, Austria from 1936 to 1945 and was the author of one of the most important books in establishing the recognition of complementary and holistic medicine - a book named "Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation - Basis for a Holistic Biological Medicine".


MD, 1899-1982
Extracellular Matrix...WHAT??
Don't worry, I'll not bore you with expert terms and complicated theory. I will just give you the tools to start understanding.

Once you understand what is explained in detail in the "Lupus Bible" it will be a revelating experience. It will be like a curtain suddenly being pulled down from your eyes.

Some things surrounding all this will shock you. But you'll also be confused by how actually simple the solution is.

You will be among the few percent of people that actually KNOW.

So, what is the extracellular matrix?

The extracellular matrix is the defining feature of our connective tissue. It is the single most important feature our cells have when it comes to segregating tissue and regulating intercellular communication. It is not a part of the cell, but it consists of substances secreted by the resident cell in order to get the message over to another cell.


The Extracellular Matrix is our culprit

For many years, genetics has been the no. 1 explanation conventional medicine has to offer for lupus development. But it does not explain why one child from a mother develops lupus when the other five never get it. No, lupus has a very distinctive course of development and now, for the first time ever, you can learn what is it about you that made you afflicted by lupus.

What makes people with lupus so different?

The answer lies in the disturbance in the Extracellular Matrix caused by a single trigger.

Resolving this and allowing the rejuvenated, now allien-aggressive cells to do what they are meant for, works miracles. Period.

I'll try not to snap to judgment whether the revolutionary breakthroughs made by this man's scientific work have intentionally been overlooked in the treatment of lupus, but I can say that Herman told me that before he started implementing what he learned from Dr PISCHINGER's work and then adjusted it to lupus patients, he was just another alternative practitioner.

After he implemented the principles revolving around correcting the errors in the extracellular matrix and unclogging the environment in the matrix, he became a holistic practitioner that did for people with lupus what no one else could. Simply no one else. Every day I thank God I found out about him.

To my deep sorrow, Herman was taken heavily ill and passed away in September 2009. Good bless this gentle man, I know he's in heaven. I simply know it with every cell in my body. Rest in peace, my dear Herman.

But what about the doctors? Do they know about this Groundbreaking Treatment?

I am a skeptic and have never been much of a "conspiracy theory" believer, but some facts that I learned over the years made me think again. In spite of the fact that the amount of money spent on lupus research is ridiculously low, there have been some great papers published in the last 10-15 years indicating that there is a direct connection between the extracellular matrix and lupus and that the solution might be simple.

But, what happened? The research has been shut down and things left incomplete. great example and undeniable proof of this are three studies. One of them is conducted in Division of Nephrology, University Hospital Nijmegen, Nijmegen - Netherlands named "Significance of anti-nuclear and anti-extracellular matrix autoantibodies for albuminuria in murine lupus nephritis" and was conducted in 1996.

The second very important study called "Excessive Matrix Accumulation in the Kidneys of MRL/lpr Lupus Mice Is Dependent on Complement Activation" done by the Section of Nephrology, University of Chicago, Illinois and Division of Rheumatology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver.

The third study was named "A Molecular Biologic Study of Extracellular Matrix Components During the Development of Glomerulosclerosis in Murine Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease" conducted at the Université de Liège - Département des sciences cliniques.

After showing amazing and even shocking results, none of the studies was ever followed through and the people of the world just continued to suffer in silence. What are the reasons to this? Well, I believe the reasons are twofold:

Reason 1: It's still a man's world

9 out of 10 lupus patients are women and I am disgusted and furious whenever I talk about this, but however equal we might think we are, we are light years away from equality. I am not and have never been a feminist, but facts speak for themselves - while dozens of billions are just injected in whatever condition that affects primarily man (just think about impotence and prostate disease research), a fraction of a percent of that money - yes, you heard it right - a fraction of a percent is invested in mostly female diseases such as lupus. I bet you are furious and red in the face right now as well, no matter if you are a female or a male lupus sufferer.

Reason 2: Definitive cures cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars

People everywhere spend literally billions of dollars every year on lupus related products. I was gob smacked when I saw how some researches were shut down and when I read about how scientists and doctors who went too far were demoted and had their careers ruined. Of course I cannot mention names here, but let me ask you a simple question. Tell me if it sounds believable that the conventional medicine is using the same treatments for lupus it's been using for the past 50 years. Is this believable?

If you ask me, that's a loud "No". I could just never buy it, and that is why I was always so proactive about my disease. The end result proved me right.

So, what do we do? Do we go out and change the world with our achy joints that make it difficult to climb out of bed. Not likely. We, turn to ourselves. I thank God for people like Herman that dedicate their lives to mending the wrong.

We gear up with knowledge and take charge of our own lives, refusing to stay ill and in pain just because some bastard decided that he wants to buy that third summer house in Ibiza. The most important thing is - now there is a WAY.

So, let us get back to gearing up with knowledge about lupus.

It is important to know that lupus never goes alone. It causes all kind of disturbances in the normal functioning of the body as it initiates a vicious cycle of hormonal changes, enzyme disruptions and organ malfunctions.

If you have lupus you can turn into a professional patient within months, as you become overwhelmed with life-altering symptoms.

So, here are the facts - once lupus shows its ugly face, the rest of your life will fade into oblivion until lupus is resolved. It is as simple as that and if you thinking, "yeah, this is not me," let me just say that those were exactly my thoughts when I wasn't sure if I had lupus.

Until one day I woke up to what felt like a demon claws yanking on my intestine. It was too late...

Yes, the pain of lupus - how do you even begin to describe it to someone that never felt it. I think that you can't. A couple of year ago I bought a great T-shirt online that said, "Rate my lupus pain on a scale from 1 to 10? Naaah...that doesn't really work for lupus."

That sums it up so good. Imagine what kind of pain would you experience in the later stages of lupus.

Lupus pain in later stages is among 3 of the worst pains known to mankind !!

And I have gone through it all and that is why I know exactly how you feel. I have tried every single thing that the conventional medicine offers during those long years of debilitating symptoms that changed my life. The vast majority of the techniques and so called treatments either made me feel worse, or simply didn't have any effect whatsoever on my lupus.

But after I met Herman, it all changed. In spite of the fact that I was skeptic I followed his guidelines very precisely and I was thrilled when I started feeling much better only a week and half after the first day on the Norton protocol.

You will feel instant relief within days!

And as weeks went by I was starting to be myself again. Life was good again. My pain was almost gone within a month. The rash was almost gone. I was shocked at how fast the Norton protocol worked, and Herman explained once more that it is because of the fact that it addresses the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms.

The Norton protocol opened the door to the other side for me, a brighter and healthier side of my life.

After triggers of lupus are deciphered eradicating
it becomes a simple task.

As Herman showed me, he keeps a diligent record of every person that have ever asked for his help with the treatment of lupus. Also, I claim this based on the fact that this is the second edition of the "Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol" and I am in daily contact with many of the people worldwide that have used the Norton protocol to beat their lupus. Almost without exception, they report the following:


They felt almost instant pain relief

Their disfiguring facial rash reacted to the changes and some of them say that "they could see it disappearing"

They felt a tremendous boost in their energy levels. Within months they report being their old vibrant selves.

Their damaged organs have been reported to recuperate faster than anyone expected, leaving their doctors amazed.

Their depression and mood swings soon become an unpleasant memory

Many of them describe that they felt "light".

This feeling of "lightness" has everything to do with unclogging the clutter of dead cells and scavenging the residue debris that is present in every lupus patient.

Their sexual urge and libido has increased drastically

The anxiety, nervousness and night sweats were gone

They felt a sudden boost of self-confidence. They lived once more.


And these are not just words!
It's actual officially proven results.

All the reported benefits have very precise and clear explanations in terms of their hormone and enzyme balance being re-established. The Norton protocol community is now a large community of people that have beat lupus using the Norton protocol. New women join the thousands that have already done so every day.

The protocol that gave me back my life is now tweaked and fine tuned, so that the people that get a hold of the eBook are even in a better position than I was when I found Herman. That is why so many women and men all over the world (now officially in 18 countries) report back the dramatic changes and re-claiming their lives from the "beast" of lupus.


Success story no.5: Jenny Cotton, El Paso, USA

"I honestly thought my life was over..."


"In a bizarre way, I was glad when I was diagnosed with lupus, because my doctors kept saying at the beginning that I've got what they call Juvenile Arthritis and that my body would eventually become deformed.

But as lupus developed it became so sever that it made me a different kind of cripple. I was crippled by pain. By seizures, nose bleeds, devastating pain in the joints and the fatigue. I was depressed and I hardly ever left the house. I was on 60-80 mg of Prednisone daily most of the time. I had a feeling that that's it for me...no hope left...

I gained access to your manual without high hopes because I was disappointed so many times in the past. But, by day 20 of the protocol that all changed. I knew that I found my salvation. I could feel it in my heart and my bones. I thank God he sent you my way..."

Jenny Cotton, El Paso, USA

Success story no.6: Agnes Jones, Regina, Canada

"I remember the first time I read your book. I was holding my hand over my mouth in shock..."


"...I ate healthy and I took supplements and I felt as if I was doing everything that was in my power to heal lupus. Little did I know then that many of the things I did are in fact aggravating my lupus when I learned different things are healthy for regular folks and people with lupus.

At first I couldn't stop thinking how I made myself worse, but then I put all my efforts into defeating this thing forever.

Today, I am in complete remission that lasts for more than a year now. Hugs from Canada..."

Agnes Jones, Regina, Canada

Success story no.7: Ai Chang, New York, USA

"My pregnancy with lupus is a thing that I wouldn't wish upon the worst of enemies...it's a pregnancy from hell..."


"I know that they say that women with lupus can have healthy and normal preg-nancies but I say, "ask the women who went through it" and then we can talk.

I was sick every single day for 5 months straight and was hospitalized and fed intravenously from my 9th to my 11th week of pregnancy. Then in my 31st week I developed Preeclamsia and toxemia. I had low hopes that my child will be alive and healthy...

I gave birth to a little girl named Biyu, but I was critical and the doctors were fighting for my life for 5 days after her birth...I shiver even when I talk about it...

But I lived to find your website after reading through an online forum. Within 3 months on the protocol I was off Prednisone and free of all symptoms. Thank you for sharing..."

Ai Chang, New York

Success story no.8: Simone Riberry, Bordeaux , France

"Lupus took my kidney..."


"Unlike many other stories I hear and read, it did not take a long time for my lupus to be diagnosed. It all happened at once, I just woke up one day and was unable to walk down teh stairs at my house...the rheumatologist suspected it's lupus right away. That was in January 2002.

I struggled for years trying all sorts of different therapy approaches just to end up in pain again. It was all downhill from there until in November 2008 my doctor told me that lupus destroyed my kidneys and that I would die without a transplant.

Today, I am just thankful that I managed to banish lupus out of my life using the Norton protocol. I except my past, I except the loss of a kidney, I even embrace it...I am just happy I am alive...being so close to death is a sobering experience"

Simone Riberry, Bordeaux , France


Dangerous : Some of the conventional drugs used in lupus treatment have been connected to skin, breast and lung tumors, cervical cancer and lymphoma

According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan some drugs used for lupus increase the risk of cervical cancer by 200%. The experts at Michigan University have monitored the occurrence of a precancerous condition called cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, or CIN, over a 3-year period among in 61 women with lupus who were treated with injections of cyclophosphamide and/or azathioprine plus prednisone. Their conclusion was that this condition was present in 3 times more women compared to a sample from the general population.

These are all official data available on the internet and at the official presentation of the University. So, how can we not be mad when our doctors don't tell us things like this????!!!

It is a staggering fact, I know, and that is why it's time to react and take charge before you become a chemical lab on two legs with all sorts of chemicals running around in your bloodstream. Chemicals that might damage your body beyond repair even if you beat lupus. That is why there is no time to waste trying to figure it all out on your own.

To be blunt and perfectly open...

Lupus is not what you think it is. 

I was deeply shocked as I sat in Herman's office in Reims during that first session. He had a calming presence and the way he spoke told me that everything was going to be all right. That was the only reason why I haven't screamed in anger thinking about all those lost years that went by with me doing all the wrong things in my ignorant efforts to beat this thing. What he told me about the extracellular matrix-lupus connection especially blew me away and I just wanted to snap the neck of my old doctor. That's how I felt.

What your doctor is telling you are mere manifestations. It's like seeing a tip of the iceberg.

These manifestations are just a message from our body about a fire "ravaging" you inside. The truth is harsh, if you don't tackle this underlying causes (one in particular) you are bound to get worse.

By using drugs to shut your body's alarm system, or painful surgical procedures you are practically ignoring your body's messages and neglecting the root cause of your problem, thus making your condition worse in the long run.

The only way you can ever resolve your lupus is tackling the root causes. Period. And 2 years ago I made it my life purpose to spread the word about lupus. The word about how unnecessary the suffering of all the people is and how simple the solution is.

I was already out of a job due to the complications of lupus and it seemed that the choice has already been made in my name. I began guiding other people through the horrors of lupus and became a full time alternative health researcher. Then I put everything on paper, doing my best to keep everything simple and design a precise and easy to follow system for a permanent healing of lupus.

Now, for the first time ever, the same healing system that helped thousands of people all over the world to get rid of lupus forever is available to you in a single, jam-packed with critically important information, 261 page e-book:


The Lupus Bible
Norton Protocol

The Lupus Bible

Learn How To Quickly and Permanently Eradicate Your Lupus.
Results Guaranteed.

"Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol" is a 261 page downloadable e-book. It is completely unique, one-of-a-kind ultimate resource on lupus with the complete relevant knowledge mankind has about this disease. It is also the only e- book available that explains in detail everything about the healing of lupus using the Norton Protocol.

In 5 simple easy-to-follow steps in this e-book I will take you by the hand and share every little secret that has been kept from you until today. I will show you precisely, taking it day by day, what I did to completely beat lupus within 2-4 months, without adding dangerous drugs, without surgery and without any side effects. Completely naturally by eliminating the 3 root causes of your condition.


This moment right now is the junction in time that will allow
you to completely and permanently eradicate lupus.
I personally vouch for that.

here are some of the life altering facts you will learn when You Download your copy of
“The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol” Today.


The officially proven, 5-step Norton Protocol for the permanent and complete eradication of lupus. Detailed instructions and explanations about shifting the chemical imbalances that triggers the flares. (Chapter 12)
Exciting news: Why are you in pain? To be more precise - what are the exact chemical reactions that flare up your pain and what a study conducted at the University of Western Ontario found as the natural answer to this living hell...
Learn about one substance that is the Holy Grail of the Norton Protocol and is literally miraculous when used right. (Chapter 3 and 12)
Comprehensive list of things that an average person does every day that aggravate our lupus. Many of them are otherwise considered healthy.
Secret #1: Finally, the WHOLE truth about the root causes of lupus. Everything and anything that has been kept from you up to this point. Systematically proven, documented by official studies and explained in detail. I will not get into speculations whether the truth has been intentionally kept from us but I will share the new findings that emerged from the decades of Mr Norton's work with people with lupus.(Chapter 7)
Revealed: Find out about the only substance in nature that has the ability to “recognize” living from dead cells, dissolve and eliminate the clutter of dead cells that is clogging your body in lupus without harming your living cells. This substance is one of the corner stones of the Norton Protocol (Chapter 12)
Secret #2: Pinpointing the single most important culprit of your condition and eliminating it within a week. This alone will bring you tremendous relief, even on the first day.

Revealed: A shocking result of a study conducted in England on fish enclosed in an artificial pond right bellow the sewer inflow. You would never guess what happened to the fish. This shocking experiment changed the way we think about lupus.

Overlooked fact: Extracellular matrix-lupus connections research that has for the first time allowed us to “awake” the host cells and equip them to be able to easily banish cells that are not meant to be there and recognize our own cells. Again, one of the corner stones of the Norton protocol.
Secret #3: Learn everything about the dangers that lurk all around your home just waiting to flare up your lupus and the simple list of rules to live by and avoid this forever.
Secret #4: Concealed secrets of the food industry about the foods that can make a living hell of your life if you are predisposed to lupus. These monsters lurk from every supermarket shelve.
Secret #5: Why you should never ever drink bottled water...
Secret #6: Why you should never ever drink tap water...
Secret #9: What is the only right choice when it comes to water for people with lupus...(Chapter 12)
Secret #7: A natural substance that was proven to offer instant relief in 82.3% of SLE patients (also in an official study in controlled lab environment). It is so simple that you might have it in you house right now and you don't know it can make the world of difference in a matter of days.
Secret #8: Learn about a substance that had a 100% success rate in malar rash in Discoid Lupus patients (as per an official study).
Revealed: Learn what is causing the women today to produce half of the progesterone that our mothers used to and how this relates to lupus...

The CRUCIAL link between what you eat and your lupus. I guarantee that you don’t know 70-80 % of the facts that you'll learn here (Chapter 12)
Secret #10: What is so different about women who get lupus?
What are the natural killer cells and why they demonstrate a different pattern of behavior in people with lupus. This might sound like a Quentin Tarantino movie, but it’ actually one of the primary triggers of your pain.
Detailed analysis on different kinds of lupus, how to recognize them and why (and how) it is crucial to address them differently.
A comprehensive take on the mechanisms of the immune system and pinpointing the exact moment where the signals get crossed in people with lupus and why. The truth will shock you.
(Chapter 2)

Secret #11: Lupus is not passed on from a mother to a daughter. Then why you are in an over 700% increased risk of developing lupus if someone in your family has it. This will leave you speechless. I know I was when I first heard it.

Revealed: Do you know what programmed cell death is? It’s a fancy term for the fact that the human cells are programmed to die once detached from our body. Why the programmed cell death demonstrates irregular patterns in people with lupus and how it affects the overall developments.

Learn to listen to your body when it speaks through symptoms. A vast majority of people don't know to interpret the messages and end up hurting themselves with their daily routine.
Learn about the two kinds of fatigue and how to boost your energy levels depending on what kind of fatigue you are experiencing...
Breakthrough: Learn about a Canadian study that put lupus fatigue in perspective and explained why it was so hard to resolve it up to this point. These findings changed everything.

Learn about a study that pinpointed a substance that caused lupus in monkeys. People - you and me...we are exposed to the substance every day in concentrations that are 2-7 times greater than the ones used in the study. Find out how the study was pushed under the rug. It is the same substance that we are naming as our primary trigger and the study only proved the validity of the Norton protocol.

Secret #12: Why no special diet or detox program will ever cure your lupus.
Secret #13: An ingenious method to cleanse your digestive organs and get rid of chemicals that mimic hormones and aggravate your condition
Finally: Once and for all demystify the truth behind lupus and light sensitivity. Precise and comprehensive explanation about what is it about the sun that can harm us and how we can avoid becoming home bugs.

It's easy to give advise such as "stay indoors and away from sun" if your don't have lupus. It's just words for people giving such extreme advise. Well, not any more, now you can lead a normal vibrant life when you learn exactly where the danger lurks and what you can do.

In depth analysis of nutrition and supplementation for people with lupus as well as day-to-day practical advice on all aspects of the dietary program. Complete list of good food. Complete list of bad food. What you should never eat...
Butterfly rash deciphered. It's not just there and that's it, as they might have told you. It has a very precise set of chemical triggers and you might be potentiating them right now. Once you know this, you can clear your skin forever.
It doesn't matter if it's sunny or cloudy outside. The same kind of chemical reaction is triggered in your skin. Without precautions, you are lost and the clouds offer zero protection...shocked? I was, too...
Reference: Lupus organ by organ. An in depth and illustrated analysis of the ways lupus affects particular organs. In detail. Know what's going on and how to amend the damage.
57% of all lupus patients say that they have tension-type headaches, yet until recently the official medicine said that the two are not connected. Well, after a recent study it become obvious that they just could not find the connection until recently. Learn how this study changed everything...

Secret #14: Learn about what Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are doing inside your body if you have lupus and the only substance that is potent enough to break the otherwise endless spiral coil of inflammation and alkaline ash...

Secret #15: Why only very specific and rare types of herbs have any impact in lupus. Why and how an "almost magical" combination of three types of herbs will empower your body's self-healing mechanism and cleansing abilities (required to eliminate lupus) dramatically!
Secret #16: Recent findings prove that 75% of lupus patients have an imbalance in one small organ in our abdomen that causes the production of antibodies that eats away healthy platelets from our own body. Since the small organ is not essential, some doctors went as far as removing the organ.

The result - 88% of the patients that had the surgery reported back tremendous relief. Learn how you can mimic the effect of the surgery and eliminate this culprit for good.
(Chapter 6)
Finally: Lupus and exercise - eliminate the clutter of information and learn beyond a doubt what's safe and useful and what might be killing you a bit every time you do it. Simplified and comprehensive take on things.
Overlooked connection: What are macrophages? What is phagocytosis? How a groundbreaking study conducted in Lund, Sweden proved that macrophages in SLE patients "presented impaired phagocytic activity" and how it all relates to your healing on the Norton protocol.
For your reference: A complete detailed guide on every drug that might be suggested to you by your doctor. Benefits and mechanism of action as well as hidden dangers. Knowledge is king.

Secret #17: A Chinese herbal secret that allows the Chinese to be much more successful in lupus treatment.

Secret #18: ...

Secret #19: ...

...and much much more...

I am sure that you realize that I cannot do justice to a 261 page complete reference e-book in a couple of lines on a web page. I am just trying to give you a taste of what you can get if you manage to get your copy of the Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol.


How Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol will change your life. It will allow you to:


Wake up pain free once again . Breathe in that full breath of freedom that becomes just a memory in a life of a lupus sufferer.
First stop and then reverse the processes that lead to permanent organ damage and experience overall wellness as your organs heal
Amend the damage that was already done to your organs by your own immune system that is now finally "tamed"
Reclaim your life as the boost of new-found energy just rushes through your veins. I remember thinking how colors never looked so vivid before.
Let go of the fear and anxiety. Stop worrying and start living.
Re-light that sexual spark - it will literally do wonders for your sex life
Regulate your digestion and eliminate toxins
Feel vital and positive like never before


I have battled lupus for 6 years before I found out about the Norton protocol. My life was a living hell, I lost my job and I lost my love. My friends pulled back because I just wasn't as fun any more. I was left in pain, tormented, disfigured from all the weight gain and the facial rash and with nothing bright ahead of me. Then, God sent me Herman and that made all the difference.

I realized that I was doing all the wrong things and it seems clear to me now - I would never have gotten better if I didn't find out about the Norton protocol. Never.

This day is to you what that day at the supermarket when I first heard of Herman was for me.

I just shiver at the very thought of where would I be if I haven't found out about Herman. It seems that a lifetime of pain and misery was imminent for me. But, I was proactive about trying different things offered by the conventional medicine - nothing seemed to work and I was already out of options. Here is a list of drugs that I have tried over the 5 year span:



Aralen and Plaquenil




Mycophenolate Mofetil


And this is just a list of drugs I used for lupus. The list of drugs I used for specific symptoms is much longer. I will probably pay my price for the chemical soup I made in my body as the years go by and I am scarred to death of what might be ahead me having in mind what I've put my body through. But, again, I am thankful I'm alive.

Allow me to offer a piece of advise, one sufferer to another...

Don't wallow in the mire trying to figure out the enigma of lupus when someone has been doing all the work for 3 decades and you can access that information right Now !!

What I am trying to say is this - my story doesn't have to be your story. I did it all, I popped pills, I was injected with all you can think of, tried the alternatives and I found one that works.

You might be able to do the same if you have the time and years to put your life on hold. If I only were in your position when this thing hit me. All the things that I lost in the meantime...oh, my God...but enough about me, this letter is about YOU. You are the one that will have to live with this thing if you miss out on this opportunity because of doubts and skepticism and go out tomorrow and spend twice as much on things that did not work last year, did not work last month, did not work yesterday and , face it now and here, will not work tomorrow. But at the end, the choice is all yours...

Avoid my mistakes and learn from them...

My lupus and my path have taken my life to a whole new direction. Today, I can freely say that I have authored or co-authored some 15 titles that are widely respected and considered top notch health resources.

But, my lupus is where it all came from and I was working on the Lupus Bible for the longest and with most devotion. And I have a special surprise for you.

I hereby like to apologize to the people that have already bought my other e-books and have now stumbled upon this page, but I want to announce that for a limited time, I will be giving away my other titles to those who get The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol...


Here are other titles that you'll get for free when you get the
Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol today:


FREE bonuses worth $ 58:

PMS to PPd - Phases of teh female body

Natural Detox Bonus 2

Bonus 3


Super Bonuses Worth $120:






And the most important thing:

The Norton Program is much more than ebooks.

You get personal one-on-one counseling

with Julia Liu for full 12 weeks:



That's right. For a limited number of women I will be offering personal 1-on-1 support. You are not alone any more and you will feel it. I will guide you every step of the way and lead you to a healed body and calm soul. I'll do for you what Herman did for me.

I commit to that.

Personal support of a health specialist dealing exclusively with lupus is at your fingertips.

We'll form a small community of people that will get this kind of personal care and then I'll have to shut this offer down, since I will not be able to provide the kind of personal attention that I am committing to here. I set the number at 50 based on my previous experience.

If you are seeing this offer, that means that there is still time to join and claim your sit in the program. If you miss out on this, you will have to wait at least 12 weeks until the previous group has finished their healing cycle.

I remember the days when I was starting my protocol...I was so scared that I phoned Herman every day for re-assurance that I am doing it right. That allowed me to feel that I am always in control and on the right track. This is how you will feel also with our 24/7 email support in the program.

Based on the prices in my current practice I estimate that this counseling is worth at least $ 180.


If you are among the 50 women to get it now, you get it FREE.

Why 12 weeks?

Because from my experience, 12 weeks is just enough time for any woman to regain complete control over her health and life and eradicate lupus as if it was never there. On the other hand, with personal counseling people learn all there is to know about this thing, explained in detail and with a personal touch and a vast majority of them leaves the program with the kind of knowledge and intuition that allows them to effortlessly lead a life that will keep lupus away forever. They leave the program strong, self-aware, confident and above all educated about their body.

For over 95% percent of people that have left the program by this time it is a life-shifting and awakening experience.



No self-conscious person that has the least shred of a doubt that she/he might have lupus should be left without the Norton Resource Box of 8 e-books in her/his library and without the most relevant personal support on the planet.

So, what's your investment in this complete healing system?

There is no similar product in the market and this eBook is a true gem. It is a testimony of thousands of people worldwide who have beaten lupus and the precise system they used to do so described in detail.

After a long period of time that I have worked on this book and finally managed to publish it as an eBook, and it now costs much less then it would cost if it was published as a hard copy.

You get The Lupus Bible e-book , 3 valuable bonus e-books, 4 SUPER bonuses, the private counseling with myself - all for just $37.

Don't procrastinate ordering at this low price! You will surely spend this in the next couple of days on lupus related things. Stuff that did not work in the past, and will not work in the future. Why? Because it fails to address the underlying causes. It just relieves the symptoms. It's that simple.

Let me remind you that your order is processed and fully guaranteed by Clickbank, the leading retailer and payment processor on the web today.

And your eBook will be on your computer hard drive within minutes so that you can educate yourself and start the healing.


Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $59 $37

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity, I can only offer
50 copies of the eBook at a time. After the 50 copies are sold you will not be able to get
the Lupus Bible for at least 120 days.

number of copies left at the moment:

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Let's take a moment here and recap on everything
Included in the Norton Protocol program:


Included in the Norton Protocol program Market value $ Yours for $
The Lupus Bible
Norton Protocol (MAIN book)
$ 59 $ 37
Bonus 1: PMS to PPD $ 17


Bonus 2: Natural Detox $ 22 Ø
Bonus 3: Stretch Marks Resolved $ 19 Ø
Super Bonus 1: Boost Your Metabolism & Peel the Fat Off $ 37 Ø
Super Bonus 2: Back Door to the Health Insurance System $ 32 Ø
Super Bonus 3: Nostrum of Herbal Remedies $ 27  
Super Bonus 4: Serenity at Home $ 27 Ø
12 Weeks of Personal Counseling with Julia $ 180 Ø
Total: $420 $ 37


Allow me ask you one simple question. Are you one of those people that stubbornly try things that did not work in the past and hope they will work this time?

I think that if you are reading these lines and you came this far that you most definitely are not. You are not one of those that fatalists, you take charge and make things change and happen. At times I am frustrated by some "of our own". When I say our own I mean people who suffer from lupus and accept it blindly.

I am sure you are not one of those people who has been crippled over long years of debilitating pain and remain passive and submissive to their doctors Who Are Basically Telling them Their Life is over.

It's not over!!! You and I have the right to live and if some rotten rich tycoon from the pharmaceutical industry denies us of our freedom and of our lives just to fulfill his financial plans for the next year, I don't know about you but I am not going to take it. Not this woman. You can beat this, thousands of people are doing it, don't take the suffering in silence. Don't allow your life to happen to you. You happen to your life.


Success story no. 8: Amy J. David, Birmingham-UK

"I am passionate about organic food and I was always sure that I was eating healthy before I got a hold of your program. Boy, was I wrong..."


Amy"Two years ago, out of nowhere, my lymph nodes swell and I would sleep straight through the day. I had no idea what was going on with me...

Then after a terrible rash appeared on my face, my doctor told me that it's lupus and it is a sever case too...I was devastated...how could anybody explain to me two little boys why mommy was in bed all day long and doesn't play with them any more. My life was falling apart...

I heard about your programme towards the end of last year and I am eternally grateful. It worked like a charm and within weeks I was reborn. Form there I only got better and have not had a single flare since...I have recently returned to work at my bar and I honestly thought that would never happen again. In words, I am normal again..."

Amy J. David, Birmingham-UK


Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $59 $37

Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol" are processed by Clickbank and with this being the case, you don't have one reason in the world to be concerned. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been the world's leading digital product retailer, famous for its security system. Clickbank uses special encrypted pages for order processing (same system the banks are using).

The result - not one incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

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And one more thing, my honest advice is not to wait a minute longer. I want to share that I had some second thoughts about traveling to Reims for these sessions, mainly because mine and my parents’ budget was drained out as it was and these trips did not come cheap. But the very thought that I might miss the solution of the biggest problem in my life made it impossible for me to just stay passive because of the couple of thousands of euros, what my sessions ended up costing me in gasoline and sessions charges. High end alternative medicine does not come cheap...Herman was a great man and a dear friend but this was his business and he made a living this way so my every visit was very pricy.

You, on the other hand, are in a very different situation. You have the convenience that I did not have, someone that did all the trials and errors for you and is telling you what finally worked. I persevered and refused to accept that that's all there is to it. Because the day you accept what they want you to, is the day you die...I refused to die and I continued my quest...

If you are spending thousands of dollars
and still not addressing the causes, then you are as stuck as the person not doing anything.

Oh my God, I wish I had the chance that you have before I lost all those years. Before I lost my love. Before I lost my friends.

Right in front of you, you have the information that someone else used to solve this terrible problem and these life changing facts are just a click away.

That's all there is to it. Once you've downloaded your e-book, close the door, make a cup of nice tea, turn of your cell phone and read it entirely from cover to cover. The step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and in plain English so that you can use them right away.

The results will come. By following the step by step instructions, every day your body will improve, boost its defense and become optimized  to the point of perfection and you'll also start feeling and looking much better as your body quickly starts re-balancing itself.

FREEDOM is at your fingertips.

You must be excited...
Let me tell you, this excitement in nothing
compared to the excitement you'll feel
when your disease starts to fade.

When you wake up and the pain that was there for months, years or decades suddenly isn't there any more. I am not good enough with words to describe this, you have to experience it.

And if by this point you still have your dilemmas, let me disperse every last shred of your doubt. How? By offering a FULL 2 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Yes, you heard it right. If you don't like the e-book or you consider that it doesn't contain the information I announce here, you will get every last cent of your money back.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I've thought a lot about this. But, when I look back and remember the entire trauma, I think that it's worth it. You might think about how there must be something behind this, since people can buy the book and ask for money back. Well, there isn't. I made my piece with the fact that there will be some dishonesty here and I will loose money. But I believe that there is a majority of honest people out there.


So, let me introduce

Your 60 Days Instant
Money Back Guarantee Certificate


I am utterly and 100 % convinced that this system will work for you.
That is why this money back is unconditional. Just take a look at the information
in this e-book and I know...I am sure it will blow your mind.

You see, I know for a fact and first hand that the Norton Protocol works.
So I have no problem backing it up with a rock solid guarantee like that.

Oh, I hope for your sake that you don't give in to the doubts now when all the risk is taken away.


And this is not just talk. Asking for your money back if you are not satisfied with your e-book is a very straightforward procedure. You don't need to call me or Clickbank or contact you bank. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied and I don't even get a say in this, nor you have to explain anything to anybody. What happens is this:

After you apply and join the Norton program, you download the e-books within minutes

You get an e-mail with your receipt number and a special link

If you click this link, you are taken to a page where you can raise a refund requests with just two simple and obvious clicks of a mouse

Your refund is processed within 24 hours. No phone calls. No explanations. No banks. No hassle.


Please try the Norton Protocol for 2 full months. Scrutinize the course closely. Use the program to the max. If you're not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply get your refund and also write and tell me. I honestly cannot see that happening because I see people healing and eradicating this terrible thing every day.

On the other hand, if the Norton Protocol helps you get your health back and look and feel better than ever before, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved - and tell all your friends about it too.


Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $59 $37

Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol" are processed by Clickbank and with this being the case, you don't have one reason in the world to be concerned. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been the world's leading digital product retailer, famous for its security system. Clickbank uses special encrypted pages for order processing (same system the banks are using).

The result - not one incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

This means that there is absolutely no chance of your credit card information being compromised. You can learn more about Clickbank at https://www.clickbank.com/about_us.html.


In my time - during the period I was in pursuit of solution for my lupus I have come across several books that claimed they had the solution only to offer the same old commonly known facts wrapped up in a different way. If you fear this could be the case with the Lupus Bible, let me say this - I've spoke so much about what it is, bet let me disperse your doubts if you still have any by telling what it's not...

Norton protocol is not about telling you to quit smoking and drinking coffee and similar general vague statements...

Norton protocol is not about some pep talk that you have to have a positive attitude and everything will fall into place. As I kept saying to my boyfriend "I'm not depressed...I'm in pain". Lupus has very specific underlying triggers with direct, unambiguous causative-relationship to the chemical processes in our body (on the cellular level primarily). These causative relationships are clear, measurable and substantiated by official studies.

Norton protocol is not about telling you not to eat this or that, live healthy and how everything will be fine if you do as I say. It is about laser sharp and concrete facts about the causes of the disease explained in every day terms so that you can understand completely what's going on and how to stop it.

Norton protocol is not about sloppy half-truths that you already know. It is about information that is available exclusively in The Lupus Bible at this point in time. It is likely that this information will be widely available at some point in the future as things unfold, but at this time 80% + information is only available in-between those covers.

Norton protocol is not about re-chewing the information already available. It is a fruit of personal research and dedication of over 28 years. It is two people working on lupus, one for 26 years and the other for over 2 years now. Day in day out, month in month out, year in year out. Eating, sleeping and living lupus. That is what you get, 28 years invested in a single revolutionary ebook.


This e-book is packed with precise and clear facts but written in a way that I would talk to you if we were having an afternoon walk, because I know you don't need the complex science talk. I know you need to get rid of that damn pain.

I wrote it in a way that will give you this kind of guidance...([xyz natural substance] is used instead of the actual substance)

"Week 1: During this week I was taking 2 servings of [xyz natural substance]. One in the morning an one in the afternoon. This was aimed at dissolving the billions of dead cells that are imprisoned in the body of a patient with lupus every week. The [xyz natural substance] is the only substance in nature that can amend this kind of clutter without harming the living tissue. Without [xyz natural substance] this problem is unsolvable and it is worth it's weight in gold for people with lupus.

40 official studies substantiate the effectiveness of [xyz natural substance]

I measured if [xyz natural substance] was doing its job by..."

I just wanted to give you a taste of how I will actually talk to you on the pages of the eBook. And remember, if you reach a place where you have any questions I am at your disposal 24/7 for email support and help. I will practically be your new neighbor when you join the program, the kind of neighbor that shares her worst problem with you and can understand better then anybody else.

...I Will Take You By the Hand and Show You the Exact Steps of the Healing Process. It Will Be
Precise, Controlled and Easy to Follow.
It Will Leave You with Zero Questions. I promise.

Once more, you can try the program for 2 months and experience first hand what it can do for you. If you're even remotely interested in learning the truth about lupus , then you owe it to yourself to at least try the Norton Protocol.


Click here to join the Norton Community and try it risk free for 2 months


I urge you not to procrastinate.

As I explained, the "sits" for the personal support are very limited and they are going fast. I will withdraw this offer when the program is full, so that I can offer quality support to the people that manage to get into the program on time.

You can make a resolution to regain control over your life today or you can rely on things that did not work for 50 years, did not work yesterday and will not work tomorrow. The later way will keep you imprisoned in a life that will revolve around your condition. Believe me, I have tried it all.


This moment right now decides.

The very fact that you are reading through these lines is a concrete proof that you are not one of those people that will just lay back and find excuses for not being proactive about their health and the resolution of their problems. I am sure you are not one those people that will just tell the same stories and complain tomorrow and in 1 or 2 years time. You don't tell stories about problems, you find solutions. You don't TRY, you DO IT.

And as I sit at my old table carved with names of my teenage sweethearts, my heart goes out to you. There is a real person on the other end of this wire and your computer screen, person that suffered like you suffer now and put an end to it all.

By the end of this day I could become your personal guide to health. I hope I do and I hope we beat this thing together.


Sincerely, Your Future Friend and Coach,

Zoe, scanned signature


P.S. If you feel uncertain or have never purchased anything online and you doubt that this might be some kind of a scam, do not hesitate to contact me and allow me to eliminate any doubt that this program is a real deal with a hard evidence of effectiveness. I will be happy to help you with any dilemma that you might have.

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P.P.P.P.S. Let me remind you of one of the main benefits of joining this program:

You would have the ultimate support. It is not about me and I am not bragging, but just stop for a second and think. Think about how many people are there in the world that are in the business of treating lupus, wrote a best selling ebook about it and have suffered from this thing. I have imagined so many times that I could have a doctor that understands. Truly and honestly understands and not just nod his head. But nobody can understand if they haven't felt the horrors of lupus. If they haven't felt the pain.

I went through it all, and now, for a very limited time, I am offering personal counseling together with the 8 ebooks that make The Lupus Bible set. I don't think that you can find a counselor elsewhere that meets these criteria. With my guidance - within months, you will first beat it and then forget about lupus. And that is a personal promise from me to you.


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